What is Unity?

Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ; our objective is to discern the Truth in Christianity and prove it. The truth we teach is not new; neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principles.

“Our purpose is to help and teach mankind to use and prove the eternal Truth taught by the Master.” Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity

Affiliated with the Unity Institute, headquartered in Unity Village, MO. Unity is the home of the Daily Word.

Unity is firmly Bible-based, while retaining the right to interpret the Bible metaphysically.

Five Principles of Unity

  • God is absolute good, everywhere present.
  • Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within. Their essence is of God, and therefore they are inherently good also.
  • Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.
  • Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.
  • Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows.

The Unity movement is founded on Christian principles,spiritual values, and the healing power of prayer. Guided by inclusive Biblical Principles, Unity offers a practical, nondogmatic approach to Christianity that helps people of all faiths lead happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives. Many see Unity more as a way of life than a religion. Many consider us a spiritual resource for daily living. Whether you have a church home, have never joined a church, or already practice Unity principles, we welcome you as a kindred spirit who is learning to apply spiritual principles in pursuit of a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life. Unity embraces all people. Unity transcends religious denominations as a harmonizing, strengthening influence. We believe there is a truth in all teachings. Unity leaves all people free to find the truth for themselves.

For more information about Unity or to obtain a copy of Unity’s devotional magazine The Daily Word please call the phone number listed below.
Unity Temple is affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries; Unity Institute and Silent Unity. For prayers call 816-969-2000.

Unity Temple is affiliated with Unity World Wide Ministries and Unity Institute, headquartered in Unity Village, Missouri and has been in existence for 95 years.

Unity is the home of the Daily Word, which is the oldest devotional publication in America.

Contact information:


(303) 377-4838