Our History

Unity Temple of Practical Christianity, Denver’s oldest Unity Church, was founded by Rev. Ethel Chipperfield in 1924. While Ethel was building the center in Denver, her sister Mabel Beech had a center in Colorado Springs. Over the next twelve years, the Denver group met at a variety of locations until renting and then purchasing the building at 1555 Race Street.  It has been in existence for 95 years.

Under Rev. Chipperfield the members carried on a prayer ministry, published a newsletter,Truth Herald with a circulation of 500, produced plays and even started Unity’s youth organization, “Youth of Unity”. The founders of the Unity movement, Cora and Charles Fillmore stayed at Unity Temple in 1938.

Ethel married Dr. Fred J. Burkle, a practicing chiropractor and minister in 1934. He assisted with the center. When Ethel passed away on February 13, 1945, Dr. Burkle, with the assistance of Rev. Mabel Beech continued the center’s work. Dr. Burkle, in 1949, married Josephine Wallace who, along with Ethel’s children Ruth and Charles, maintained the center.

Following the passing of Dr. Burke in 1980, the church struggled. The Rev. Ed Dawson assisted in re-organizing Unity Temple and obtaining affiliation with the Association of Unity Churches. Following his departure several ministers assisted for short periods of time. Unity Temple survived for several years without a minister under the spiritual guidance of Arnita Benson, who led a study group and prayer ministry.

Unity Temple of Practical Christianity has been devoted to spreading the “Truth” message of Unity since 1924. We continue to devote our energies to spiritual growth and the teachings of Myrtle and Charles Fillmore

Unity Temple is affiliated with Unity World Wide Ministries and Unity Institute, headquartered in Unity Village, Missouri.

Unity is the home of the Daily Word, which is the oldest devotional publication in America.

Unity is firmly Bible-based while retaining the right to interpret the Bible metaphysically.

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(303) 377-4838